Family Park Zettersfeld
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Zettersfeldstrasse 38
9900 Lienz
Tel.-Nr.: +43 4852 63975

Family Park Zettersfeld

Into the cable car and ride up to Zettersfeld! 
Along the path from the mountain station of Zettersfeld, past the Alpine gasthof Bidner, Mecki’s Dolomite-Panorama room and onto the Naturfreundehütte and back to the alm there are now 15 adventure play areas, which have been designed and built by the East Tyrolean company Naturspiele Lanz GmbH. All areas are for playing, romping around or relaxing but also provide interesting information about the 15 different animals that appear. The adventure story of the family-park mascot “Steiner Mandl” lets the areas come alive and ensures an exciting day out at Zettersfeld.

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Adventure game:

The adventure set consists of a club, ball and story book. It can be acquired at the cable car station for a fee of 6 euros per adult and 3 euros per child (15 euros deposit per set). You can take the book home as a memento of the day.

Mini golf tracks 1-15.
You have a max. of 6 hits per track.
Enter your tries in the list.
If you don't hit the mark, you get 7 points.
If the ball jumps out of the track, just put it back.
The person with the least points, wins.


The Steiner Mandl and the animals

The Steiner Mandl is a legendary figure, a mountain spirit. He wanders untiringly over the mountains. He talks to the animals and plants and asks how they are. The Steiner Mandl loves nature and protects it. Some even maintain that they have seen the Steiner Mandl playing with a stick and a ball. The Steiner Mandl doesn't often show himself to people but if you are alert, you can feel that he is there. Children are sure that the Steiner Mandl is a pile of stones that has come alive. The adults agree. Whoever cares for the piles of stones and moves carefully over the mountains, will be shown the greatest treasure on Earth by the Steiner Mandl. That is the variety and beauty of nature on the family-friendly Zettersfeld – the sunny plateau high over Lienz in East Tyrol.

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