Osttirodler - 'Ganzjahres-Rodelbahn in Lienz in Osttirol für Winter und Sommer
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Snow height & opening times


Osttirodler: Downhill with Sandra and Bettina

You want to know, how this two young ladies push the Osttirodler-button?
So have a look and click on the left picture, to start the video. You will love it!

Osttirodler Spot

You want to get an impression, how it feels like, to ride the Osttirodler?
No problem!
Click on the left picture, to start the Osttirodler video.
Fotopoint at the Osttirodler

Fotopoint at the Osttirodler

You want your own Osttirodler picture?
No problem! After your ride you can buy it directly at the sales desk for only 5 Euros per picture.


Find here all the advantages of our Osttirodler. It's really very safe and comfotable to ride the most spectacular alpine coaster in the alps.

Osttirodler Video

Experience in the winter-video the thrilling ride on one of the most spectacular and longest Alpine coasters in the world!
No one can imagine, how great it feels.
That's not only for kids: that's also great for real men!

Guidelines and safety

You must be over 3 years! Children under 3 years may also not be taken by the parents.
Children older than 8 years may ride alone with the Osttirodler.
From the age of 15 years only, you may take a second person with you.

The most spectacular Alpine Coaster in the Alps!

Experience a thrilling ride on one of the most spectacular and longest Alpine coasters in the world! Through green forests, with plenty of waves, curves and loops to raise your adrenalin ... you will love it! Right at the entrance of the town of Lienz, at Hochstein!

Tickets and prices Osttirodler

At the Osttirodler you really get something for your money!
Have a look on our tickets prices! You will see, that we offer cheaper 10 or 5 ride tickets.