The most spectacular Alpine Coaster in the alps!
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Hochstein, Lienzer Schlossberg
Lienzer Bergbahnen
Iseltalerstr. 27, A-9900 Lienz


The most spectacular Alpine Coaster in the alps!

Experience Lienz in a way that was never before possible, with fascinating new views of Bruck Castle and the town of Lienz. Hop on for a thrilling ride along the 2.7 km long track that winds its way down into the valley. You can travel alone or in pairs, either way, it will be unforgettable! Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Open from May to October and from Christmas to mid-March.

The coasterbobs are firmly held on stainless steel tubular rails and run smoothly and silently down the mountain. The bobs are designed to carry two riders but can easily be handled by one person alone. You can control the speed by pushing or pulling the levers on both sides of the bob, which provides a unique hands-on experience.
You will experience an exciting and varied ride at up to 6 metres above the ground. Jumps and waves push the thrill even further. And in case of rain or snow? No problem, the breaking effect remains the same even under extrem conditions!